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"I have an ignition interlock device by choice."

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"I have an ignition interlock device by choice."

POSTED ON: 04/17/2024

"Got voluntary ignition interlock… don’t know how I feel about it" Not all interlock device installations are mandated by law.

Here at Smart Start of Alabama, we do get customers who voluntarily install an igntion interlock device in their vehicle. We don't often get much personal feedback from them for various reasons but mainly because they feel at least a bit embarrassed about needing the device. But voluntarily installing an interlock device is a very responsible, mature thing to do and there are others like you. Here is just one voluntary interlock customer's personal story about the experience.

A little back story

This interlock customer explained the situation in more detail. "This June I was involved in a drinking and driving accident. I want to express how embarrassed I am, and how lucky I am that one no one got hurt, and two that I didn’t get in trouble. The next day, when I sobered up, I realized how big of a problem I had. I thought I had grown out of it, but I didn’t. A few of my friends also called me the next day concerned about me, asking if things were all OK with me and basically said that they think I have a problem."

The story continued. "I’ve had a hunch about this for a while, and they have been dropping hints, but for some reason the situation hit me way differently."

Interlock customer posts about voluntary installation online 

This post focuses on the personal experience of someone who voluntarily installed an ignition interlock device to help stop the temptation of driving after consuming alcohol. This post is part of our Alcohol Awareness Month (April 2024) series of personal stories.

This customer ended up calling and getting a voluntary ignition interlock installation. "I was able to get it within the week. I also started Vivitrol* that same week."

How does voluntarily interlock installation make you feel?

"I feel embarrassed to have this in my car. Everyone assumes that I got a DUI, but I feel it’s more embarrassing that I admit I have a problem with drinking rather than I got a DUI (even tho I didn’t)."

"I still feel torn about having it in my car. My parents are somewhat proud that I have it in my car, but I think they are disappointed that I need it." But since we've been in this line of work so long, we know the disappointment of learning your family member has again driven after consuming alcohol is worse than any disappointment that could possibly result from that family member successfully utilizing interlock technology to keep the roads safer.

Reflecting on the drunk driving and interlock experience

"It’s been about five weeks since this incident, and I realize how lucky I am. I have not drank and drive since, and I also have not been drinking. I have had a couple drinks here and there, but it never exceeds three a night because of Vivitrol. I’m still working on cutting down though."

Moving on after a drunk driving incident

"I don’t know the point of this, but I feel that I need to share it somewhere. I’m working with my therapist and psychiatrist to help me get better, but I feel that support from others who have been in some more situations would be helpful."

What do others think of your voluntary interlock installation?

We know we shouldn't worry about what others think when we're trying to improve our own lives. But it's just human nature that we usually do. Here are a few of the comments posted to this person's online post about voluntary interlock installation:

·        "F#&% what other people think. You did it for you (and the safety of others). That is responsible and highly mature. You did it for a reason. When you think you can handle driving without one take it off. Your judgement is better than most. I applaud you. Be safe and be happy."

·        "Mine will be removed soon but I actually am considering keeping it in. I really need to stop drinking and in all honesty cannot trust my own judgement to not drive impaired again. That sounds terrible but it also only takes one bad night of not giving a sh$#."

·        "Better to have it in now, voluntarily, while you work on getting to 100% sober then getting a DUI down the line and needing to have one put in (plus all the other things that go along with a DUI-fines, jail, classes, etc) You’re brave and smart for doing this. Keep doing the next right thing"

·        "I think that was a pretty brave idea on your part. Congrats, good on you for voluntarily getting it installed and taking responsibility for other people's safety on the road. Think of it this way, if you manage to stop drinking and feel confident about abstinance then you will get it removed. You got this!"

·        "I'm super proud of you for getting that installed voluntarily. You are making mature and reasonable choices. I wish you the best of luck in your sobriety journey, it sounds like you are taking all the right steps and really want to get there, so I think you will succeed."

Are you considering voluntary interlock installation?

We offer affordable, discreet installation of ignition interlock devices such as that described by this Reddit post. If you're looking for something to help you stop the temptation to drink and drive, contact us for voluntary interlock installation.


Note about medication mentioned in post:
* Smart Start of Alabama doesn't endorse this product, this is simply an online poster's experience with ignition interlock and it happened to mention this medicine which may be useful to some readers. According to the company's website, there are significant risks from VIVITROL treatment. VIVITROL is not right for everyone. If you would like more information, talk with your healthcare provider. VIVITROL is a prescription injectable medicine used to:
- Treat alcohol dependence. You should stop drinking before starting VIVITROL
- Prevent relapse to opioid dependence, after opioid detoxification


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